The Soundtrack for your journey

Hard Rock


Our first format is live! Hard Rock Radio specifically curated to drive your experience. This is your soundtrack and the backdrop to your journey.
New Formats coming online soon!
Tune in on Live 365 or get the Jet Fuel Soul App by clicking either of the links below (available June 24, 2024)

get gravity

The Journey Back To You

The ultimate experience of self exploration and building self-confidence. The Gravity in your life is what attracts the joy, the success, and the fulfillment.
Certified Coach and guide, Greg Arnold – takes you on an adventure back to you. Exclusively found on the Jet Fuel Soul App. (download available June 24, 2024)

mdrn marcus

on the app

What happens when you blend the ancient wisdom of Marcus Aurelias, the modern expertise of successful leaders and thinkers, and Artificial Intelligence? You get a Modern Marcus. 
Exclusively on the Jet Fuel Soul App, you can grab insightful meditations, advice, and chat with Marcus about your curiosities. 
Available on the Jet Fuel Soul App – Download on June 24, 2024.

atomic reset

audio adventure - podcast

This audio adventure is an open source stream of consciousness podcast and audio adventure centered around starting over. 
Challenging you to rethink what you believe to be true and the algorithms in your life. 
Available on the Jet Fuel Soul App and the Podcast provider of your choice beginning June 4, 2024.



Long form deep house, chill trax for meditation, or just locking into that special groove.
Our line-up of artists, producers, DJs, and experience engineers have curated that right groove for your mood. The perfect soundtrack for reflection.
Exclusively found on the Jet Fuel Soul App. (download available June 24, 2024)